The Eternity Girlz Clique

Who Eternity Girlz Are

Hi pplz! Waz up? Eternity Girlz is a group of girls that are friends with each other and that are COOL (LOL). So far, there are five ppl in Eternity Girlz and how to join the group is being suggested by Alice, the Looker. Every month, Alice will suggest a person to Charrine "Rienna", the leader, and Rienna will decide if that girl is good enough to be in Eternity Girlz. Sabrina is our Judger, and Cathy, is our deputy and site runner. Look through our site to see pictures, news, and other things. C ya 4 now!


Charrine (Langlie)~Founder, Organizer, Leader. (Don't worry, I won't be that bossy. XD and I'll give you people a chance to be leader sometime.)

Cathy ~ Deputy and site runner

Sabrina (Dazzle)~Judger. (A judger is someone who suggests editing to the organizer in some places.)

Elise (Bubbo)~ Newsgirl (Makes a newspaper which will be posted here in this site)

MM Ing (MM Ing)~

Alice (Lunar)~Looker. (Alice is a Looker, which is a person who suggests 1 person per month to join the Eternity Girls. I might deny the person, might agree. But it's going to be rare for me to say yes. The person must meet the requirements: Is available pretty much every Saturday, has a lot of the same interests as us, plays a string instrument, is loyal, doesn't judge by popularity and looks, and is simply kind and sympathetic. And funny. We con't lose that one.)




Code Names

Hey, pplz! Waz up? The members have emailed me their code names, and here they are!

Rienna - Langlie

The Mystery Girl

Sabrina - Dazzle

Alice - Lunar

Elise - Bubbo

MM Ing - MM Ing

C ya 4 now~