The Eternity Girlz Clique

Biography for Rienna

Hey! I'm Charrine Liu, better known as Rienna or Langlie. I'm the leader of the Eternity Girlz, quite neutralish about my role. I enjoy playing music of every level and every kind on the violin and piano, listening to music of very kind, etc. My favorite songs are those written by the great Taylor Swift. I'm also a pretty swift runner. I can move my legs pretty quickly, moving twice as fast than others with my long legs inherited from my mother. I can also swim pretty well, although I have to admit that I'm not the best...DUH! (Hey, wanna know my crush? DON'T EVEN THINK ABOUT IT! Well I do have one. ^^ Sorry, Girlz, but I an't tell you 'till I'm ready.) I seriously trus Cathy, Eternity Girlz' deputy, to carry out important things, Sabrina, the judger, to judge correctly and with justice if I'm too selfish (LOL XD), Priya to assist with perfection, and finally, Alice, to use her awesome speaking-out mind to find all of us great groupmates. But, the members of the Eternity Girlz all have one thing in common: Loyalty, the gem I look for in each and every soul. I'm the one who makes the Monthly Fab Fahion, organizes meetings, signs agreements, approves stuff with help from Cathy, and all that stuff, with ideas of editition from my deputy, judgement from my judger, random stuff from my helper (Which I highly appreciate...XD), and opinios from my looker. All of the simple gestures made my the members of the Eternity Girlz will help us climb up to popularity, fast. I'm so proud of the development of the Eternity Girlz so far! Toodles!

What's Up with Rienna

Hey guys. I'm reallydepressed right now, beause one of my very best friends, Prya Ann Krishna, is moving to New Jersey! Have you ever had a friend move away? And Sabrina's moving too, but that's only temporary. :(

Langlett-The Official Langlie Newsletter

OMG School's starting! Wanna slip some notes into my locker??? My Locker's #1116. The best makeup is.........Mascara!!!!! Althogh lip gloss brings out the color of the's ideal, also!!! My schedule:


PRD 1: Core Lanz, Anne-Marie 109

PRD 2: Orchestra Leung, Allen 204

PRD 3: GT Geography Carothers, Jackie 141

PRD 4: GT Math Fox, Joan 115

PRD 5: GT English McPherson, Madlyn 105

PRD 6: GT Research Lee, David 155

PRD 7: GT Science McGurl, George 112

PRD 8: Reading Challenge Toth, Michelle 108


Wut's yours?