The Eternity Girlz Clique



Wear...A light-colored tight and long shirt and checkered or jean shorts.
Wear makeup...Black eye makeup, blue lining. Pale pink for blush and even paler for lips.
Hair...HIGH ponytail. (If you have short hair, just brush it to the side a bit, you dont have to have a ponytail)
Shoes...Brightly-colored crocs, summer footwear.
Meeting...Every Saturday at the YMCA pool. If not, at someone's house.
Meeting talk...Gossip.

Locker...Yellow. Everything bright yellow in your locker. (NOT including your supplies, of course! Just the decorations. I will present the locker gadgets to you guys in the beginning of the month.)
Logo...Yellow. (I will paint the monthly logo, at the end of every month, you guys can email me your ideas for next month's logo. I am going to accept ideas from now on [for August's logo], deadline August 10th.)

So...Be sure to get out there during the summer and get that tan and attitude!