The Eternity Girlz Clique

Joining Criteria


1. As you can see, we go to Burleigh Manor Middle School, so if you want to join, you must go there.

2. You must be available Saturdays

3. Must be loyal to us.

4. Be honest, even if you don't know the answer to something

5. Don't brag and all that stuff. Be modest and humble.

6. Know who we are first.

7. Dump us only if you dont want us anymore. We don't want people dumping us, then coming back saying they're sorry.


Try to get nominated to join

If Alice suggests that you should join Eternity Girlz, you will have to have all the steps UP ABOVE. Also, you have to take a short test. You could take it at home or at school, but it will be due the next day or when you're finished. This is the test...


Eternity Girlz Test                Email:                                        Name:                                                                           

1. Who is the leader of Eternity Girlz? (15 points)

2. Who is the deputy? (15 points)

3. Who's in Eternity Girlz right now? (write down the real first names or the code names) (10 points)

4. What job do you want if you can join Eternity Girlz? (0 points)
- Helper with Priya
- Judger with Sabrina
- Boarder/Passer (puts up stuff around the school if Rienna tells you to, passes out things)
- Caller (calls people if Rienna tells you to like to see if they can come to a certain meeting)
- Emailer (if Rienna doesn't have time to email certain things to the members of Eternity Girlz, she might call you or somebody else to email them)
Those are the jobs so far!

5. What school does Eternity Girlz go to? (10 points)

6. Where is Eternity Girlz going to meet every Saturday? (15 points)

7. What is Eternity Girlz's website called? (write down counting the www.) (10 points)

8. What is one of Eternity Girlz's favorite songs? (DON'T CHEAT BY LOOKING ONLINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THE MOST IMPORTANT THING IS HONESTY!!!!!!!!!!!!) (15 points)

9. If you can join Eternity Girlz, what will your code name be? (nickname) (0 points)

10. Put a check next to the things you think you have. BE HONEST. IF WE THINK YOU ARE LYING, WE COULD ASK YOUR FRIENDS SO BE HONEST!  (2 Points for each check)
- You go to Burliegh Manor Middle School
- You are in the same grades as the current members of Eternity Girlz.
- You are loyal
- You try to never lie
- You don't brag that much


 If you pass the test (getting more than 65%~100%), then you could join Eternity Girlz. You will get to meet all the members at the YMCA pool or B&N and start working with Eternity Girlz! If you have any questions, write down the question at Contact Us on the site! C ya 4 now~